We design / we print / you relax!

Not only do we design to brand but we design to print really well too!


From all shapes and sizes, we design and we print all in one place so you can focus on what matters most, let us handle the professional looking packaging from design concept, to final print and production.

dominate your space

When you go to the store, you buy things, sometimes when you are not sure which one to buy do you buy the uglier one? never! everyone buys the one that looks more professional, we know the science behind this and we design to print it so the customer buys it!

shrink sleeve

Shrink sleeve labels are a great way to maximize your advertising space on your products.  ask us how you can get shrink sleeve labels on your products.

premium labels

Not your ordinary labels here.  We strive to jump off the shelf so we design and print with that in mind.

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Let us know what print production you would like to get started, we have knowledge in all areas of design AND print and we are masters at executing your final vision. 

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For the last 7 years we have been the leading Cannabis Packaging and Cannabis Branding Agency.  We strive to be the very best by producing solid graphics that express your brands story and vision.

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