Packaging Design for Products

If you own a company that sells products, you have probably invested some time and money into packaging design for your products.  In this article we are going to go over the 5 tips that will help you achieve the best packaging design for products so you can see what makes consumers convert to checkout!

Before we talk about the best packaging design for products, we should point out for those that don’t know the basics.  

What is product packaging

Product packaging is the container that holds and advertises the product inside.  It’s the first thing a customer sees before they try or use your product.  So… it is, in a sense also a first impression, a first meeting of your company.  Your packaging is like a little sales representative sitting on a shelf or web page just waiting to sell your product to the next prospect.  


Why is product packaging design important

Would you feel more confident buying a sensitive product like say eye drops or nasal spray that had quality packaging that looked trusting and professional or a ziplock with tape on it that said the name of the product? Consumers take packaging seriously and it can make or break a sale for you if you don’t take it seriously as well. 


Here are the 5 types of best packaging design for products

1. How it’s packaged

Before designing the packaging you should first decide HOW it should be packaged.  Sometimes you just have a kick ass brand that needs to look different when there’s a hundred other products like yours.  Strategic packaging design is a good choice for a saturated market so you can still dominate the industry.  See below for an example of packaging we did for a client who needed to blow away the competition. 

From concept to design this standard vape product launched onto the scene with dynamic branded packaging that was sure to get attention.  

2. Does it look professional

Most packaging designs tend to either overdo the design or even sometimes under deliver to the point where you don’t even know what the product is. It’s important that the consumer can make a decisive judgment of your product within a few seconds.  First, does the product jump off the shelf, Second, does it look trusting and professional? You have to build trust with the product, not put a cheesy car salesman on the lot.  See below for an example of a product that needs to attract the customer but also look trusting instantly. 

3. The WOW Factor

So now that you have successfully grabbed the attention, and you have earned trust, the next step is to knock the socks off! Most consumers will choose a product just because it looks nicer than the rest.  If you can get your product to just look visually stunning, you will win the race just because you look cool.  See examples below of the wow factor in the best packaging for products. 

Packaging Design for Products Packaging Design for Products

4. Series Packaging

What is series packaging and why should it matter to you? Well if you have a product that has several flavors or scents or maybe strains, you are going to want to differentiate them by color or some other variance that is easy to identify.  You want it to look different but not completely off brand so how do you achieve this? With strategic series branding.  See below examples of some series packaging designs for products. 

5. Print elements

Consumers now are starting to get savvy when it comes to not only the look but also the feel of their beloved products.  Ooh feel this one it feels like rubber, ooh this one has matte with glossy text! This also increases the wow factor and can even convert the sale when your competition is using plain flat boxes with just a glossy print on it.  Here are a few great examples of print elements that increase the wow factor in your packaging design.  

If your product packaging design could use a refresh, contact the professionals at design to brand.  We are masters at turning heads with product packaging design.  From engineering to concept to print, we handle it all!